The Advantages of Swing Sets and What Children Stand to Gain from Them

We’ve all loved a good swing set as kids, letting us soar high above the playground! Swings are an essential aspect of any playground worth its salt, and it’s not just because they’re fun! Swing sets and other playground accessories are crucial for the development of children from all age groups, physically, mentally and socially. Here’s how swings can benefit children on the playground and with their peers.

Swings are suitable for playgrounds of all sizes!

Installing a swing set isn’t limited to the size of your playground. Swing sets can come as stand-alone equipment in varying sizes to suit your space, making them perfect for anything from school playgrounds to your back garden. They can also be built as single installable variants that can be attached to your jungle gym or any supporting structure that’s able to maintain the weight.

Swings aren’t just made to suit the environment they’re in either. They’re designed to be suitable to children of all age groups, and it’s not a one size fits all job either. Their sizes range according to safety and the stage of the child’s development. And that lends well to our next point.

They’re a favourite amongst children of all ages

Regardless of age, all kids love a good swing set! It’s great for the sensory development of toddlers as they watch the world go by swinging back and forth, and young children develop their fine and gross motor skills as they grip the swing chain and swing their legs back and forth, or arch in time with the motion of the swing.

Toddler and infant swings are designed to safely encase your child and keep them secure as they enjoy the sensory stimulation and fun of being pushed back and forth, while swings for preschoolers and above are designed for more freedom of movement and exertion.

They come in different styles and designs to encourage diverse play

There’s more out there than just the basic swing! They come in a range of styles and types to fuel the imagination and initiate different forms of play, which in turn works different muscles in the body. Tarzan swings require different positions of the body and movements than the Tummy swing, which you lie flat on.

Swings can be paired with other hanging playground equipment such as rope ladders, climbing ropes, and trapeze swings to further accommodate for different physical playground activities, like holding up your weight on the trapeze or clambering up rope ladders.

They inspire imaginative play and cooperation on the playground

Jungle gyms don’t stay jungle gyms in the minds of children as they play. They incorporate them into their adventures, turning Tarzan swings into vines, tyre swings into space ships, and swing boats into rowing boats on tumultuous waters. It helps to develop their imaginations and story building capabilities, which is an essential aspect of mental development in children.

When they enroll other children in these fantasies they can craft epic stories or adventures together, and gain invaluable social skills and relationships along the way. Children also learn to cooperate and work together as they share swing sets. This involves waiting for their turn to use the swings, relinquishing the swing to others, and pushing each other to help them reach as high as they can.

Swingsets make a valuable contribution to children’s playtime, and the more variety you can find in a jungle gym the better. At KidBuddie, we build a wide array of expertly crafted, quality playground equipment to give the chance to enjoy playtime to the fullest, all while honing those all-important skills expending excess energy. Take a look at our collection of children’s playground equipment to find the jungle gyms that lend themselves best to your space and the children that use them.