What is CCA treatment and is it safe to use?

CCA (Copper-Chrome-Arsenate) is an industrial wood preservative. It protects wood against both insects and rot caused by fungi. It was first developed in 1933 but has been commonly used in South Africa since the 70’s.

This treatment is only applied under regulated and controlled conditions in an industrial wood preservation Read more...

Important for kids to play

Why it’s important for kids to play.

For kids playing is simply playing. It’s having fun, taking a break from school or sitting at the restaurant table. Getting rid of some of that extra built up energy. So why is it important for kids to play? When they play on a playground or jungle gym however, it is much more than just playing. It’s promoting healthy childhood development, both physically Read more...

Preschool Outdoor Play Equipment

Preschool Outdoor Play Equipment

There are two main purposes of preschool outdoor play equipment for children; the first being fundamental development where they learn critical skills such as hand-eye coordination as well as risk-taking, exploring, and exercise. The second purpose of outdoor playground equipment for preschools are moving young children away from the excessive TV Read more...