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Does Playground Equipment Help in Early Childhood Development?

Early childhood is a crucial time during our development, and all children should be given the opportunity to play, exercise, and learn during such a critical time in their young lives. It’s our responsibility as adults to give them the best opportunities to grow. And this includes promoting active and healthy lifestyles, steering them away […]

Playground Equipment

How to Get Kids to Play Outdoors More Often

Now more than ever, it is almost impossible to get the little ones to go outside and play. Children are glued to our technology devices; especially if they have their own that they can use freely, whether it is playing video games or watching videos for hours on end. While some media consumption is beneficial […]

Playground Equipment

Playground Safety: Rules for Kids to Play By

Children’s outdoor play equipment are powerful tools in a child’s development, aiding in their social, mental and physical development. Not to mention playgrounds and obstacle courses provide kids with some much needed time outside, enjoying the fresh air and keeping physically active. Children are full of energy, and without enough playtime, they can become hyperactive […]

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Playground Equipment

Backyard Fun for Toddlers

As parents, we’re well aware that our little ones need continuous mental stimulation and plenty of opportunities to play, developing their muscles, coordination, and cognitive skills. And any parent will agree, playtime is a valuable opportunity to expel energy! Playtime should also be varied to provide a range of stimuli, and this can range from […]

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The Nitty-Gritty on Sandpit Safety

Sandpits for kids are great fun for the little ones, giving them an opportunity to play and get creative with toys and plastic building implements. It makes for some imaginative and messy fun, building sandcastles, sculptures, and shapes in the sand with their peers, or let their imaginations run wild with toys as the sandpit […]

Playground Equipment

The benefits of Monkey Bars

There are many pieces of equipment that make up a playground, and the monkey bars is one of them. It’s a challenging set of equipment that requires a great deal of effort and coordination to traverse for kids and adults alike, and that’s why you’ll see them on obstacle courses and adult fitness courses as […]

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Swinging you into life

Since 1993, Kidbuddie has been providing a range of kids swing sets and attachments for private homes, schools, public parks and so much more. All of our products are made from the best quality timber in the country – treated to stringent SABS specifications – and our swing designs are further reinforced with rubber at […]

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What Valuable Lessons and Skills Children Learn On the Playground

As parents, it can be a nerve-wracking and daunting prospect to have to teach their children essential life skills. It’s their responsibility to give them opportunities to hone and develop their skills, so they can grow to become well-adjusted teens and adults, equipped with the right tools and abilities. The good news is that playgrounds […]

Playground Equipment

The Advantages of Swing Sets and What Children Stand to Gain from Them

We’ve all loved a good swing set as kids, letting us soar high above the playground! Swings are an essential aspect of any playground worth its salt, and it’s not just because they’re fun! Swing sets and other playground accessories are crucial for the development of children from all age groups, physically, mentally and socially. […]

Playground Equipment

Outdoor Play Systems for Restaurants

Kids are always looking for any opportunity to play, and it’s no different when you take them out to restaurants. If you run a family-friendly establishment, particularly one open to young children, you’ll know just how busy they can get! You’re going to want to at least opt for a play area for the little […]