Kidbuddie & Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

KIDBUDDIE offers a variety of outdoor playgrounds that stimulate a diverse range of physical and mental capabilities for early childhood development. From tactical and problem-solving challenges to balance and agility exercise, Jungle Gym playgrounds combine fun playtime with an educational experience. Your children’s playtime is enhanced by the stimulation of their imagination, creativity, movement, coordination and strength.

Kidbuddie's Primary Aim

To manufacture and market playgrounds that demonstrate an innovative approach to playtime with quality that will last. This means producing outdoor playground equipment that provides family fun, safety and stimulation. When children are engaged in play, they’re presented with certain situations, interactions and challenges. As they develop competencies in these areas, they’re maturing their social, mental and physical skills relevant for later life. A child moves through specific stages of development, play creates lifelike situations in which the child can “practice” understand and act on the choices each situation presents.

Kidbuddie Jungle Gym Purpose

To help the child successfully develop valuable skills such as:

  • Imagination and creativity
  • Abstract thinking
  • Empathy and the ability to cooperate
  • Social, Language and mental skills
  • Learning to solve problems Confidence and self esteem.

Children who engage in active play learn basic skills that are not taught in organised sports. Furthermore, studies show that poor physical fitness among children is often traced to play deprivation. By making exercise fun and exciting, kids will be more motivated to engage in the activity. In turn, this will make children more likely to continue to exercise as they grow older.

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