Fun Playground Games You Can Enjoy with Your Kids

Time on the playground is invaluable for parents looking to spend time with their kids. It gives parents an opportunity to play with their children and actively involve themselves in their development and learning. And it allows parents to more effectively guide and protect their children from injury on the jungle gym equipment.

But at the core, joining your kids on the playground makes them happy! Kids love it when their parents play with them. Whether it’s enrolling you in their stories and make-believe games, or getting you to push them on the swings, being there for your kids during playtime is a great way to bond and share experiences with them. And to make things more exciting for them, we’ve got a few playground games you can teach them to keep them physically active and having fun!

The Floor is Lava

Inspiring imagination, by pretending the floor is lava, children can hop and climb over obstacles to avoid touching the floor. And by incorporating this game into storytelling, roleplaying and adventure, you can make things even more fun!


This is a classic game you can enrol other kids in, which will provide your little ones with opportunities to socialize and learn. Tag involves one or more players chasing other players, attempting to ‘tag’ them as the new chaser.

Red Rover

This game is great for parties, as it requires the players to know each other’s names. Divide the kids up into two groups, standing a good distance apart. Both teams must form a line by holding hands. The defending group will challenge a kid from the other team to try to get through their joined hands by calling out their name. If that player can get past them, they can take another player back to their team. If they can’t get past it, they have to join that team. The end goal is to have all the players join your team. This is great for socializing and developing their reaction time and coordination skills.

Red Light, Green Light

Another group game, this game challenges listening and reaction time. One player, the traffic light, stands at the end of the playing field, with the other players on the other end. Their goal is to get to the traffic light, and they can move when the light is green, but should the traffic light turn around and say “red light!”, all players must stand still. If someone is caught moving, they have to go back to the beginning.

Hide and Seek

This is a simple enough game, one that we’re all familiar with. Be sure to set some playground rules about safe places to hide, especially if playing in a public area. The kids will love trying to find the best hiding spots!

Scavenger hunt

This requires some prep in terms of bringing things for the kids to look for, which can be anything from sweets to odds and ends. Place these items around the playground with varying degrees of difficulty, and you can either provide clues and a map or simply encourage the kids to search throughout the playground. By enrolling clues, you can help develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Follow the leader

This game can be played with just you and the kids, or you can enrol a larger group as well. Following the leader not only keeps the kids physically active but teaches them to mimic and perform actions. The ‘leader’ of the group must move around the playground by walking, running, skipping, or hopping, alternating their movements and performing different actions that the other players must mimic. This can also involve stopping to look at something, our climb over and using jungle gym equipment to get the other kids to do the same.

Enroll playground equipment in your games

Jungle gyms and playground equipment can really enrich games and playtime for kids, giving them new tools for their imaginative games. And to put it simply, playground equipment is fun to play on!

Our team at Kidbuddie has developed a range of unique playground equipment, from swings to rockers, seesaws to slides, and everything in between. Our obstacle courses and jungle gyms are perfect for a number of playground games and activities and will give your little ones plenty of games and adventures to choose from. If you have any questions about our playground equipment range, feel free to get in touch with us.