Maintenance And Safety

Guides to get the best life and enjoyment out of your timber product

Maintaining your Timber Product

All timber is treated to stringent SABS specifications, which ensures a stable and long-lasting product. Being a natural product which reacts to weather conditions, a certain amount of “checking” (thin cracks along the length of the pole) is normal and does not affect the strength and durability at all.

Although it is not essential, we strongly recommend that all timber is either oiled or painted, as this will control the “checking”, enhance the appearance and seal the surface, which also minimized splintering.

For a natural and inexpensive finish, Waxoil can be used and this is available from Kidbuddie. For a fancier look, exterior varnish can be used or if bright colours are preferred, Enamel or wax-based paint should be used.

Acrylic paint is not recommended.

Poles should be completely dry, not less than four weeks from delivery/installation, before applying any coating.

If poles are going to be varnished or painted, the surface should be wiped clean with Mineral Turpentine and allowed to dry. The first coat should be diluted to allow maximum penetration.

Please also refer to our Terms and Conditions or website for notes and comments on “checking” cracks.

Safety Precautions

All outdoor play systems should be checked regularly. Check that all parts are secure, such as ropes, chain and swing hangers. Keep all eyebolts and shackles well-greased, especially on Swingboat.

Any queries, complaints or comments can be addressed directly to KIDBUDDIE Head Office. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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