Outdoor Playtime at School

The school playground is the place for children to run around and play with their peers. On the playground, they’re socialising, playing games, and burning energy, and they need as much stimulation as possible to keep them occupied both mentally and physically.

At Kidbuddie, we understand the importance of play and want to equip schools with the best outdoor playground equipment. Made from quality materials to ensure they last, and with careful construction practices and features implemented with safety in mind, our jungle gyms are safe and secure. Here are a few benefits to installing outdoor equipment for schools on your premises.

Physical Exercise through Active Playtime

School playground equipment helps to keep children physically active, and by having a variety of jungle gyms and obstacle courses they have multiple options to choose from, exercising various muscles and training their motor skills. Exercise helps them maintain a healthy weight and expel energy, tiring them out enough to focus on school and rest in the evenings. It’s important for children to exercise and keep up with their peers in terms of fitness, or they could lag behind them in physical development and perform more poorly at sports and tests of physical prowess.

Socialising with other children

Children are going to run into one another during playtime, one way or another. Engaging each other in games and make-believe play, they learn to come up with games and work together, involving one another in their adventures. They make friends and practice interacting with them. Even confrontations are valuable lessons, and children can learn a lot through having to share the playground or wait for their turn to use playground equipment like sea-saws, swings and rocking horses.

Expanding their creativity through Imagination Play

When children run rampant with playground equipment, it’s easy for them to start imagining themselves on adventures or part of fairytales. Jungle gyms don’t stay heaps of wood and steel, they become castles, ships, planes and ruins to be explored. Obstacle courses become treacherous terrains to be traversed by pioneers and explorers. Children build stories to accompany their play, and the more diverse your playground equipment, the more adventures they can conjure up.

Developing Problem-Solving skills through jungle gyms and obstacle courses

As children clamber over jungle gyms and navigate obstacles, they have to think on their feet. Which route will get them A to B, and how can they follow that route? Which handhold should they reach for next? Can they jump from one step to the next? Their deduction skills are put to the test and help them to solve and navigate through problems and situations in the real world.


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