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Baby Swing

This baby and toddler swing is one of the newest baby swings in our collection for parents and tots. Ergonomically designed with the utmost comfort and safety in mind, baby wooden swing features safety bars for security and is crafted from dense pinewood slats and equally thick polypropylene rope. 

Fun and Developmental Benefits

No child is too young to enjoy playground equipment, and the latest swing we’ve added to our range encourages playtime for both babies and toddlers. It not only provides parents and infants with a source of fun and bonding, but it promotes healthy cognitive development, as well as fine and gross motor skills.

When children use playground equipment at any age, they’re stimulating their minds, their imaginations, and their senses. Babies and toddlers train their cognitive skills when they’re swinging, watching the world rush by as they feel the wind on their front and back. When they grip the rope or bars they train their fine motor skills, and cross when they learn to swing their legs back and forth, they train their gross motor skills.

Security Measures

At Kidbuddie, we’re strong advocates for the use of only the safest playground equipment and jungle gyms for children, crafting the most durable, child-friendly equipment with our own tried and trusted techniques. We strive to make sure all children are given the opportunity for safe fun with their families and peers.



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