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Sandpit Jeep

The only kid sandpit design in our range resembling a jeep and incorporating our famous dashboard, this is great addition to a playground. Encourages group sand play, creativeness and imaginary play for children of all ages. Lovely addition to a playground where you are able to keep the sand clean and sterilized.

This high quality wooden option looks fantastic and has plenty of sitting space for little people to park themselves while they dig and build. The Jeep shape adds a fun twist and sand play is a sensory experience and a great tool for the development skills. Children can dig in sand, build things with it, pile it up, knock it down, sift it, pour it and move it.

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The Sandpit Jeep has been a design from the onset and a great addition to a school playground for the boys and girls.

This great-looking Jeep sandpit offers complete shade from the sun, as well as plenty of sitting space for a few siblings or friends so they can get stuck into some serious digging. A sandpit provides a play space that children can share working together to construct roads, build castles or dig tunnels whilst sharing tools and learning social skills.

Make-believe play allows kids to develop their imagination, social skills building confidence and leaders. With the Jeep sandpit children can simulate driving the school bus, their parents car or 4×4’ing, allowing kids to have great fun in the playground with their peers.

Sandpits allow for exploration play while also investigating its texture and qualities both as dry grains and compacted. Add a little water to sand and it changes its physical qualities allowing children to make sand into anything that their imagination allows.




3.700m x 1.900m x 1.600m (L x W x H)


Dashboard (E524)


Woodoc Varnished

Shadecloth colour / Roof

Shadecloth – Blue (E520)
Shadecloth – Green (E520)
Shadecloth – Red (E520)
Shadecloth – Yellow (E520)


1 Year


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