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    All prices include 14% VAT and are valid for 30 days. National price list rates include delivery costs to major centers only (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein). Additional delivery rates may apply for outlying areas.

    Installation prices are based on the ground being relatively level, clear of obstacles and composed of normal, pickable ground. Site conditions involving the excavation through and reinstatement of paving, concrete, tar or similar are not included in our installation rates. Kidbuddie reserves its right to re calculate any associated additional costs in this regard on the completion of the works. Please advise our salesperson, at time of enquiry, of any adverse site conditions so that we can provide provisional estimates on any expected additional works.
    Delivery period for average sized Jungle Gyms are three to four weeks. Kidbuddie will always strive to deliver timeously however we do not hold ourselves liable in this regard for circumstances beyond our control and will advise if any delays in delivery are expected.
    A 50% deposit is required as confirmation of order, 30% prior to dispatch and the balance to be paid strictly on delivery. In the event of non-payment the purchaser will be responsible for all legal and associated costs incurred relating to the recovery of the debt. All goods remain the property of Kidbuddie until fully paid.
    The purchaser acknowledges that the goods supplied are intended for use as a temporary structure and are therefore not subject to the National Building Regulations or any other regulations applicable to permanent structures. The purchaser indemnifies the supplier against any and all claims of whatsoever nature arising from the use and erection of the structure.
    Kidbuddie predominantly use the slow grown ‘Pinus Radiatta’ species of pine timber known for its exceptional strength, durability and quality. All timbers used are pressure treated to SABS specifications as a preventative measure against pest infestation and rot for an extended life span. All timbers are pre sanded and prepared thus very little maintenance of the timber is required apart from periodic maintenance coats however we do strongly recommend that all timber is either oiled or painted, as this will help to control ‘checking’, enhance the appearance, seal the surface and minimizes splintering.
    ‘Checking’ is a natural occurrence and commonly encountered in the log and timber industry. Even after drying and pressure treating, timber still remains a natural living product and reacts to variances in climatic conditions causing it to expand and contract which can result in what is known as ‘Checking’ which is Nature`s way of dealing with these climatic and / or seasonal changes. ‘Checking’ manifests itself as long thin cracks along the length of the pole however do not adversely affect the strength and durability of the product. ‘Checking’ cracks will not traverse through the entire thickness of the pole and are very rarely more than 5-6mm wide and a third of the pole thickness deep. Cracks will often open and close to different widths as seasonal conditions change thus making it very difficult to permanently fill these cracks. ‘Checking’ can however be managed to a certain extent by ensuring that the timber surface is well protected through application of regular maintenance coats of Waxoil or exterior timber sealant.
    KIDBUDDIE products have been tried and tested over many years and have an excellent safety and durability record. At all times, utmost care is taken in the design, manufacture and installation of our playground equipment, to ensure, as far as possible, the safety of children playing on it. We care about our customers and products however by the very nature of the intended use we cannot hold ourselves liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur while using our equipment. In the event of any failure or defect becoming apparent we kindly request that you advise us immediately so that the appropriate action can be taken. We offer a one year exchange warranty on all products however excludes neglect and effective misuse or abuse.
    Playground equipment must be thoroughly checked once a month, especially in busy playgrounds. Check that all moving parts are secure, such as rope, chain and swing hangers, keep all eyebolts and shackles well-greased, especially on swing boats. Maintenance coats should be applied annually or as necessary, depending on site conditions, to all timber surfaces. Should you feel unsure of any aspect relating to the correct maintenance of your Kidbuddie Jungle Gym we are always available to offer support and advice. Children under six years of age should have an adult in attendance when playing on the jungle gyms.
    NB: Please check that all goods on the delivery note have arrived. Should this not be the case, amend delivery note and contact us immediately.

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