Toddler Safe Play – Playground Equipment

Play is essential for developing little ones. The playground is where they pick up important social skills and imaginative play, making friends and involving them in games. Keeping active and engaging in playtime tones muscles and strengthens their gross and fine motor skills, all while burning up excess energy and tiring them out for more peaceful resting.

But just as importantly, kids need to have a safe environment to run around and have fun in! At Kidbuddie, we take safety very seriously, and our toddler jungle gyms and creche playground equipment have been carefully crafted to the highest quality and safety standard.

What makes a good toddler jungle gym

We’ve taken a few important considerations into account when crafting our playground equipment, and we’ve implemented the following safety measures and features to ensure safe, fun playtime for children and toddlers.

Our creche playground equipment features:

  • Appropriately Sized Equipment for every age group

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to jungle gyms. Children of different age groups will have varying physical skills and development, let alone height differences. Our toddler jungle gyms are specifically designed for children aged 2 to 5, with appropriate heights for small children that won’t result in injury or be too intimidating to play on. Our Toddler Challenger, Toddler Gym, Mini Station and Jungle Junior are all carefully measured to provide a fun, secure and safely challenging play session.

The same goes for our slides and ramps, which are built at such an angle to produce a gentle incline that is easy to climb, not too steep, and provides a fun way down. Ramps are also fitted with rungs and a rope to assist in climbing and provide foot and handholds.

  • Protective Safety Rails for handholds and closed sides

Even at moderate heights, we don’t want children taking a tumble off of jungle gym equipment, especially toddlers. Safety rails along the sides of the jungle gym and around ramps stop children from falling off during play and provide convenient handholds as they’re climbing and traversing the jungle gym.

  • Spaced bars for a constant line of sight

Out of sight certainly doesn’t mean out of mind. Teachers, parents and caregivers want to keep constant visual on little ones, and for good reason. Children also like to be able to see their parents, for comfort and security, especially at that age. To give you peace of mind, we’ve kept our playground bars spaced wide enough to maintain a line of sight, but not wide enough to run the risk of them wedging their heads or limbs through the bars.

  • UV Protected Mesh Roof to ward off sunburn

All our roofed jungle gyms come with a mesh roof to provide shade and UV protection for children, fending off the heat and the risk of sunburn. It still allows for airflow to keep the hideaways cool, all while protecting sensitive skin from harmful UV rays