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Obstacle Courses

Obstacle Courses are a great way to build strength both physically and mentally. It takes both concentration and smart thinking to make your way through an obstacle course.

This is great for early childhood development and can help your child build a strong thought process from an early age.

Variety is the spice of life, and providing children with a range of outlets for energy through play is a crucial part of development. Assorted equipment also gives children plenty of opportunities to hone their skills and reap the benefits of muscle development, refining fine and gross motor skills as they place and move their bodies in different ways to use the equipment.

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Obstacle Courses for Kids

Kids obstacle course equipment offers some of the most intensive and diverse forms of playground equipment for children, not only functioning as jungle gyms but effective tools for physical education and sports days.

Like the adult equivalent, obstacle courses for kids can be both fun and challenging; children love to compete and challenge themselves, turning an obstacle course into a game of speed. And for younger kids obstacle courses are quite literally playgrounds for the imagination, with stepping logs turning into treacherous stepping stones over lava for intrepid explorers, and climbing walls turning into mountainsides for would-be hikers.

Kids get immense fun out of obstacle course equipment and work in conjunction with jungle gym climbing frames to provide an exciting and beneficial playground space for them to enjoy with their peers.

We produce an array of safe and durable kids obstacle course equipment, including but not limited to climbing frames and nets, swing bridges and balancing beams, space tunnels and more. Built from treated timber, they’re built to be sturdy and dependable.

If you have any enquiries about our obstacle courses, how they’re made, or how they’re installed, feel free to contact us, we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.