What Valuable Lessons and Skills Children Learn On the Playground

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As parents, it can be a nerve-wracking and daunting prospect to have to teach their children essential life skills. It’s their responsibility to give them opportunities to hone and develop their skills, so they can grow to become well-adjusted teens and adults, equipped with the right tools and abilities. The good news is that playgrounds offer some of the best opportunities for children to grow on their own, and it’s our responsibility as custodians to give them the means to do so. This doesn’t just apply to parents and children, but to curators of public parks as well.

The playground, with the beauty of the outdoors and access to kids’ outdoor jungle gyms, is where your child’s cognitive skills and emotional/mental capabilities are free to grow. Few places offer so much potential to learn, grow, have experiences, and feel inspired. Here are some of the valuable lessons and opportunities kids can find on the playground.

Jungle Gyms encourage children to think for themselves

We can only hold our children’s hands so much of the way and letting them play in a playground setting allows them to learn things on their own. On an outdoor jungle gym kids must figure out how to traverse a climbing frame to reach the slide, or learn what grip is best to move along the rungs of the monkey bars. If they can’t go through it, or under it, they must go over it. What goes up must come down. These are all things children learn by doing and problem-solving, and any bumps or scrapes along the way are also valuable lessons that one shouldn’t take for granted.

Kids come into contact with other children on a playground

While running around on the playground and traversing the jungle gym, children will come into contact with other kids they wouldn’t otherwise have met. They’ll have to learn to interact with those children, learning social cues, what’s acceptable and unacceptable, and the value of friendship along the way. We can’t control how other children act towards our children, but it provides them with an opportunity to learn, ask questions, and navigate social interactions of varying complexities. The way we act now as adults and leaders are directly influenced by our experiences with others when we were children.

Children learn the value of patience and sharing in playground settings

Another benefit of children coming into contact with one another on the playground is they actually have to learn to share that space! A busy playground means they’ll have to learn to make compromises, to empathise and sympathise with others, and to be generous. No one can hog the kids’ rocker for too long when there are other kids waiting, and even the little ones can learn to wait their turn on the toddler’s climbing frame. Ultimately, the playground is the perfect place for children to learn to think beyond themselves, and to find joy in being kind to others, and receiving that kindness in return.

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