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jungle gyms
The versatility of our jungle gyms and climbing frames makes them safe and stimulating on your lawn or in your backyard

Let their imagination run free!

We have been designing and testing playground equipment since 1993 to create the ideal child-friendly jungle gyms and climbing frames with the flexibility to change it up and add extensions or new design.

Our jungle gyms are made from the best quality timber in the country. Our Cape Pine is treated to stringent SABS specifications and is extremely reliable, easy to work with, and renewable.

Our jungle gyms cater for all ages and abilities

Our full outdoor playground equipment range makes building a play area for any age group a delight. From toddlers to teens - there’s a design to suit your needs. For decades, Kidbuddie has been at the forefront in designing; manufacturing and installing outdoor play systems and environments - providing children and families of all abilities the opportunity to play and develop together.

Our play structures and jungle gyms create a welcoming and wholesome environment helping children to develop, build confidence and to make friends. Our jungle gyms for kids are a great addition to any park, playground, or school. Choose from our comprehensive range of jungle gyms, climbing frames, obstacle courses, swings and sandpits, or customise your own vision with extra modules and climbing frame accessories to indulge your child's individual needs. So get ready to climb, hang, sit or slide with our wide range of jungle gyms for sale.